Building on Modulus

Modulus is completely EVM-compatible. Contracts built for other EVM chains will be able to be deployed without further development other than targeting the correct network on deployment. Simply switch to the Modulus Network in your wallet or deployment tool, and start building.

Connecting to Modulus

In order to add the Modulus network to your wallet, you will need to enter the following details :

Additional Details

  • Currency Symbol: CULT

You can also add Modulus Testnet to your wallet automatically by clicking the Quick Connect button in the footer of the Modulus Eye explorer here:

Faucet and test CULT tokens

To receive some test CULT, RVLT, and TRG tokens, you can utilise our faucet service. The faucet service is limited to one distribution of 10 tokens per address each day. The faucet is available here:

To start using the Modulus Testnet, you can bridge your test CULT and ETH from the Bridge here:

Please note that the L1 testnet used to bridge to Modulus Testnet is Sepolia (NOT Goerli). You will need Sepolia ETH to be able to bridge. You can get that at


If you need help with anything related to the Modulus zkEVM, you can raise a ticket on CultDAO Discord server ( You will find the #modulus-support channel on the left under the Communication category.

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